Catalyst Mines & Minerals, a venture by UEGI Group India, is been well known for its Quality Earth Minerals and its commitment towards safety of health and environment. All products manufactured and processed at Catalyst stand out with best-known Quality & Features
Catalyst Mines & Minerals; with its Manufacturing and Processing Units ideally located at Bhuj in the Kachch District of Gujarat, a well known region for its rich Mineral resources, provides a wide range of industries Nationally & Internationally with Quality Industrial Minerals at the best economy. Its location near to Mundra Port facilitates its international cargo movement very efficiently. The industries served by our products ranges from Paints, Ceramics, Paper, Rubber Industries to Oilfield, Agriculture, Detergents & Pesticides Industries. Our Vision is to be the Icon of Quality & Reliability in providing Industrial Minerals to a variety of Industries by developing & supplying highest quality Products and by ensuring timely deliveries worldwide.

Manufacturing Facilities

Catalyst Mines & Minerals Pvt Ltd has its two modern well-equipped M nufacturing Units for Industrial Minerals in Bhuj, Gujarat with well equipped Laboratory to carry out quality control tests at each stage of production to ensure that only the best possible product

Quality Control

Catalyst Mines & Minerals maintains high level of product quality control from the selection of raw materials from mining, to stage wise tests while production and the End Product quality control analysis.