Bentonite is an absorbent impure Clay consists mostly of Montmorillonite. It is a Natural Sodium Bentonite with higher iron content, which gives it a dark color. Due to the very fine particle size, Bentonite shows extra-ordinary swelling capacity and bonding powers, which makes Bentonite most useful in various industries throughout the world.
The deposits were formed millions of years ago, possibly from the volcanic ashes falling in stagnant salted water in semi-arid conditions (where annual rain fall is approximately 18-20 inch). Due to the natural characteristics of these particular volcanic ashes, the chemical composition of this Bentonite is different from the Bentonite available in the rest of the world.


  • Oil Well Drilling in preparation of Drilling Mud
  • Iron ore Pelletizing as binder
  • Foundry as Foundry Sand Bond
  • Construction (Piling) is used to control viscosity and as a lubricating agent
  • In Agriculture as an animal feed supplement, as an ion exchanger for soil and when treated thermally, as herbicides and pesticides
  • Paint Industry
  • Cat Litter
  • Paper Industry as pitch control agent and acid activated bentonite is used in manufacturing copy paper
* Note: Detailed Specification as per requirements / industry & Analysis report shall be furnished on specific request.