Kaolin is chemically a Hydrated Aluminium Silicate, which is also a natural mineral found in partly decomposed granite. Kaolin is available in Powder, Granular & Lump forms. Kaolin is high in refractory nature and good in plasticity. It is low swelling and is stable at high temperatures. Kaolin is available in different grades & sizes as per the End Use Application. China Clay is available in Powder, Powder cum Granules and Lumps form


  • Paint Industry as Paint Extenders
  • Ceramics Industry for Ceramic Glazing, Engobing & Body Composition and in Vitrified Tile manufacturing
  • Paper Industry as filler
  • Fiber Glass as filler


  • Good Plasticity
  • Reduces water absorption
  • High Refractory
  • Stable at high temperatures
* Note: Industry wise detailed specification & analysis report shall be furnished on specific request.