Talc is a Metamorphic Hydrated Magnesium Silicate Mineral with a Pearly Luster. It is the world’s softest known Mineral. It is chemicallyinert to acids and alkalies. Talc Powder is an excellent Filler. It can withstand very high temperatures. Talc can be easily grinded, cut and sawn into any shape and size. These properties in talc are of value in various industrial applications. It is available in the Powder form from sizes 10 – 50 Microns


  • Plastic Industry as filler due to blending ch racteristics and electrical & thermal resistance. It is used as an effective surface coating agent for smoothness
  • Ceramics Industry as Filler
  • Rubber Industry as Filler and Lubricant
  • Paper Industry as Filler and in Paper coating
* Note: Detailed Specification as per requirements / industry & Analysis report shall be furnished on specific request.